Tuesday, 28 March 2017

LIFE IN RIO DE JANEIRO - A short story

I've been mulling over how to document my recent trip to South America. Instead of simply posting a few photos with captions, I'm going to use the photos as prompts for stories. 

They weren't getting any younger. Their money had run out again so her husband was out touting for any work he could get. She took the opportunity to relax and have a leisurely strip wash.

When her husband had cobbled together a shower, she had tried to show her appreciation, but she knew the contraption wouldn’t last. Sure enough, within a few weeks it had broken beyond repair. She didn’t mind. A basin of water had always done the job.

In just one month Carnival would be upon them. She smiled to herself. So many ways to make a bit of money during Carnival, even if they were rarely legal. Why should she care? All those rich tourists would be ripe for the picking.

Talking of tourists, she could hear another bus load winding up the narrow favela street on their way to see Christ the Redeemer, the mighty statue which had stood sentinel over the city since the 1930’s.

The tourists wouldn't see much of him in the mist and rain today, but the weather never seemed to stop them. 

She wrapped a raggedy towel tightly across her breasts and looked out of her window. The bus inched past her building.

‘Go on,’ she thought. ‘Have a good gawp at us.’ She smiled to herself again. ‘What you don’t realise is that we’re gawping at you and your ridiculous, empty lives. Lives so empty you pay good money to visit a statue you can barely see in the rain and take a look along the way at how we slum dwellers live. Do you feel sorry for me?

Hah! Well, let me tell you something – my life is richer than yours will ever be.’

The tourists always gave her a good laugh.

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Friday, 17 March 2017

Happy St Patrick's Day

Since the 17th Century the Irish have celebrated a religious feast day in commemoration of their patron saint on the 17th March every year. 

Parades are held in towns and cities all over Ireland and in many parts of the world.

I went to my local town's parade this afternoon which was well attended despite the rain.

Dancing to traditional music was fun to watch.

Live entertainment in the supermarket made a pleasant change.

Last year everyone enjoyed the parade in the sunshine.

Do let me know if you've enjoyed this little snapshot of our special day in the Emerald Isle. 

Have a great weekend.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

A DIFFERENT VIEW - Mini-Series Part 4 - FRANCE

I love France. So many of its cities, towns and villages have maintained their historic cores and are wonderful to explore. Paris is one of my favourite cities and even if you've never visited, you are surely familiar with its most recognised monument.

The Eiffel Tower

I'm now going to take you on a little whirlwind tour around other parts of France for a different view.

Reims Cathedral

This country abounds with churches and cathedrals. 

The kings of France were crowned in Reims Cathedral.


Lovely old buildings like this one can be found in many French villages.

Poppies are used to commemorate the lives lost in World War One because these flowers grew on the French battlefields after the war had ended.

Kite surfing on France's Atlantic coast is a popular pastime.

As is fishing...

France has a strong agricultural industry.

And how's this for a witty art installation?

Fields of sunflowers brighten the countryside.

Or perhaps a balloon ride would be the best way to see some of France from a different view?

Do let me know if you've enjoyed this post and I'll reply to all comments when I return from my travels later this month.