Monday, 8 June 2015

Diving and Writing – some of my favourite activities

I love any sort of diving: scuba, snorkelling... and I love writing. Finding opportunities to combine the two for travel articles or short stories is always a pleasure.

I wrote a piece of flash fiction based on a real experience cage diving with Great Whites in South Africa. The Great White is a much maligned animal and whilst it must be treated with respect, it is not a mindless killer! I was astonished by its sheer beauty. My story was published on the Cafelit website.


  1. I follow CafeLit so I must have read it. Is there a way of tracking old stories on their site?

  2. You're a brave lady, Susan. I wouldn't even swim with goldfish!


  3. Lizy, I'm pretty sure there's a search option on their website.

    Helen - you might surprise yourself. I find all wildflife encounters thrilling rather than frightening and I was so excited at the prospect of seeing Great Whites face to face that it didn't even occur to me to be afraid. I was more nervous about entering the very chilly water, than meeting the shark... really!

  4. Fascinating creatures, but I'm not brave enough to get that close!

    1. When I first learned to dive I was pretty nervous at the idea of diving with sharks, Linda, but I changed my mind after my first sighting.


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