Wednesday, 18 November 2015

KUALA LUMPUR - MALAYSIA - Mini-Market series

Mention Kuala Lumpur and the iconic Petronas Towers spring to mind.  

Although a visit to the towers is pretty much mandatory - I wanted to see some market life too. My time in KL was limited, but I managed to find time to explore Chinatown's Petaling Street.

I have to confess that these market stalls didn't excite me too much.

But the area had quite a vibe and seemed popular with the tourists.

Although there were plenty of locals too.

Ultimately I became more interested in the clash of old and new architecture than the market stalls.

Back near my hotel, close to the Petronas Towers, this covered eating area was full of locals with not a tourist in sight (which is a good indication of authentic food). I adore eating in simple eateries with the locals. People are almost always surprised and delighted when foreigners choose to eat in their establishments. It was a good decision because the unpretentious service was great and the food was utterly delicious!

I should have time to squeeze in one more post next week before I go on my travels in December.


  1. Great pictures, Susan. I really like the shot of the staircase, with the ferns growing out of the walls!

  2. Thanks, Dan. I'm always on the lookout for the more unusual and (to me) interesting details. I was tempted to zoom in close, but decided the picture would have more impact if I included the building and those stairs - glad you liked it.

  3. When I eat out abroad I always try to find somewhere the customers look as though they might be locals - even if it means I end up with no idea what I've ordered!

    1. Patsy - it's great when it works - but you do have to be alert. In Singapore we narrowly missed spine-meat soup and beef stomach!

  4. The market scenes here lack the character and colour of some you have featured but I loved the blend of old and new images and agree that seeking out places off the tourist beat is generally more rewarding than following the crowd.


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